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Corinne Daval artistic agent and advisor was born in Metz in 1968. Eager to travel and discover new things, she left France after studying literature and linguistics to settle in the Caribbean, the Balearic Islands and then in Germany. Back in France in 2009 she met an Italian artist. 

It is from this friendship that SO ART and SO ART Méditerranée will be born.

SO ART - artistic agency - manages the promotion of contemporary art artists. The agency represents the artist in the management of his career, the negotiation of contracts and advises him in his professional choices. 
SO ART will help the art lover in his choices of decoration and the purchase of works of art both privately and professionally. 


Ideally located in a popular location in Montpellier, SO ART GALLERY offers a selection of works by six contemporary Italian artists. 

SO ART Méditerranée - Association loi 1901 - organizes artistic events .

Exhibition sales, artistic courses, putting artists in contact with the public, art professionals and the press. 

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