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Fabrizio Lavagna

Fabrizio Lavagna was born on 18 December 1971 in Savona, Italy. 

In 2004, he enrolled at the Carrara Academy of Fine Arts and became a student of Omar Galliani.
Winner in 2006 of the Erasmus scholarship of the University of Bellas Artes of Murcia, this experience will have an impact on his entire artistic production.
In 2008 he graduated with honours from the jury with a thesis entitled "The epocal mutation of pictorial materials". The same year he was chosen to do a master's degree in Sacred Art at the Stauros Museum of Sacred Art on the isola of Gran Sasso in Teramo, Italy.
From 2008 to 2010, he enrolled in the "Advanced Course in the Art of the Liturgy" with the artists Angelo Casciello and Giuliano Giuliani at the Castle of Scopoli.
He finished his studies in 2011 and graduated with honours from the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara with a thesis on "Materials in Contemporary Art. »

The artist then left Italy to settle in Montpellier.
In 2017 he met a paleontologist who shared with him his passion for prehistory, dinosaurs and extinct species. The artist is then confronted with the reality of the evolution of our planet and the consequences of climate change.

He then decides to reintegrate the presence of dinosaurs in the modern world by creating aluminium and marble sculptures with the skeletons of extinct animals. He mixes past, present and future by integrating anachronistic objects into his creations.

In Fabrizio Lavagna's works, the elegance of bodies and subjects contrasts with the use of raw materials, creating aesthetic paradoxes.

In the course of his career, the artist has experimented with different techniques and different types of supports: from simple sheets of raw cotton, to recycled jeans, pieces of used tires, but also marble, wood, and aluminum. The materials chosen are the central point around which the artist's creativity develops, they lose their daily utility and become a common place between the work and the object.

Lavagna brings to art a concrete dimension, close to reality, where the self-referentiality that characterizes contemporary art is left aside in favor of the immediacy that characterizes the whole of his artistic production.
Fabrizio Lavagna has been exhibiting his sculptures at the Musée Longchamp in Marseille - France since December 12, 2019 on the occasion of the museum's bicentenary.

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